Selling Your Home

Nine Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Home

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Are thinking of selling your house at some point in the near future? Selling your house can be much complex than buying a new house, from trying to dictate the best price to sell for to reaching for an agreement might haul you into confusion. The first step you have to take when planning on selling your house is getting a good and trusted Realtor. A good Realtor will keep you focused on the things that will assist you to sell your home fast and for a very good price before listing your house for sale. A good Realtor will help your house get a good “Curb appeal”; as the saying goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. “Every buyer who comes into your home we feel more competent and eager to deal with you when they find your house well maintained and have little or nothing to worry about.

Top 9 things you must do before selling your home.

Look into Removalists:

Taking the time to research for professional removalists will help give you an understanding of the costs involved in moving to your next location. What most people forget when selling is to factor in what it costs for moving into the sale price, this will help offset the expenses involved in moving. Sometimes this can cost thousands to tens of thousands depending where you are looking to settle.

Window Cleaning:

A good first appearance a buyer get when they see the look of your house can add more to the value of the house. The windows are very recognized when a buyer step down from his car, an unclean or spoilt window will be a big turnoff and will certainly diminish the value the buyer has in mind. It is best that damage windows should be replaced with a better one and wash the windows; a lively atmosphere and natural sunshine will brighten the look of your house which will surely inflate the value of your house. This is where curb appeal plays a dominant role and curb appeal sells 49% of all houses at good prices.

Improve your Landscape:

Most buyers love an attractively landscaped, replace bushes with some colorful flowers. Dead plants and messy gardens will make your house fall short of curb appeal which is not a good thing if you want a great deal about the value of your house. This can be done on your own with a little commitment.

External Wall Repair and Painting:

If it’s been more than a year since the interior and exterior of your house has been painted, you will have to consider re-painting your house. External wall repair and painting will play a key path in inflating the value of your home. A fresh coat of paint will make your house look modern and universally appealing; seal the holes in your wall if any before re-painting. It is best you repaint all rooms in neutral colors.

Replace dirty or worn carpet:

If it is conceivable to clean up dirty carpet then you should; if not, you should consider eliminating it totally and replacing it. Dirty or worn carpet can be a turnoff for some buyers.

Interior Cleaning:

Complete deep cleaning before you put your house up for sale. You should complete deep cleaning because no one will require a dirty home. Clean the floor, kitchen, toilet and bathroom and living rooms; this will make your house look more beautiful, thereby increasing its value.

Remove Personal Decorations:

Consider removing every personal decoration like objects that reflect your personal lifestyle and pictures on the wall. This will also put you on the right track that you are ready to sell your house.

Organize rooms to its Original Uses:

If you are using, you are using any path of your room as your office or for something else. It is best you rearrange it to the primary uses. This will certainly develop the look of your house.

Bathroom and Toilet Repairs:

Upgrade or replace most of the spoilt showers, toilets, tubs, and cabinetry. This will certainly add more value to your home, and remove the thought of the buyer to price your house for cheap.

Home Staging

What is Home Staging and is it Successful?

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Home staging is concept of preparing a property in order to focus on a better first impression to potential buyers.  It requires a combination of artworks, plants, accessories, furniture, lighting and flooring cover to enhance the ambience of the property, to make it feel warm, to create an at home experience for those who inspect it and to entice prospective buyers into purchasing the home.

Staging is putting the finishing touches to the property before it is presented on the market; it is essentially dressing the property up and marketing the house to your target audience.  Buyers want to see themselves in the home; they can see themselves relaxing after a hard day at work on that fancy Scandinavian sofa, the can appreciate the artwork in the hallway that pops every time they walk through the door, they can even see themselves spending quality family dinners on a wooden Skandi style dining table just like the one presented.

There is no reason why staging can’t be successful if executed well, over the years, I have seen home staging payoff for many of my clients, the initial investment just doesn’t compare to what can be gained from home staging.  It really does present opportunities and has the potential to sell at a higher price and sell quickly.

Successful staging tips

The heart of the home: The kitchen is probably the most important part of the house, if this space is imbalanced and provides no cohesion, you might as well have an open inspection.  Having a kitchen where prospective buyers can see themselves entertaining their friends and families can provide that extra bit to get over the finishing line.  Make it inviting and bring in some décor and colour to give it styling and contrast, some fresh flowers in a pretty vase or fun cookbooks on the counter and remember to declutter, less is more here.

Pay attention to bathrooms: It is essential to stage the bathrooms well, it the little things here that can make a big difference as bathrooms are one of the areas we tend to spend more time in.  Ensure it looks open and appealing. Add natural seagrass baskets filled with luxury towels, scented soaps and exotic lotions.

Fill the space with plants: A touch of green foliage can provide an inviting feeling; it brings the outside in and fills the air with freshness. Vibrant and healthy plants around the home can demonstrate that the house is also well kept and maintained, ensure you use real plants though.

Euro pillows are the secret: Bedrooms in the house need to be cosy and delightful, make the bed nicely, and add some euro pillows and cushions to match your normal pillow.  Choose the colours carefully to compliment the décor in the bedroom and lay a throw across the corner to add texture.

What are they focussing on? You are probably so use to your house that you may not pick up on the slightest imperfections. Get help from a friend to walk around the house, what can they see that is imperfect and is drawing in their attention?  Fix the issue or divert their attention to something beautiful or interesting elsewhere in the space.